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Takoma Receives New Wireless, Vital Signs Devices
Takoma Regional Hospital is receiving new wireless, vital signs devices that will improve accuracy and timeliness of important health information for patients.
The 25 devices, valued at more than $100,000, utilize bar code scanning that automatically uploads data directly into electronic medical records. They are being purchased for Takoma by Adventist Health System, who owns the hospital in partnership with Wellmont Health System.
“AHS cares about Takoma, our staff and our patients,” Daniel Wolcott, Takoma’s president and CEO, said. “Because vital signs are important to the timely treatment of certain diseases, such as sepsis, AHS is investing in this important technology to improve care and move our hospital even further in quality and safety. This is a great blessing to Takoma and our community.”
Tammy Albright, the hospital’s chief nursing officer, noted that the devices will eliminate the process of manual data entry of the vital signs into the electronic medical record, which nursing staff currently enters throughout a patient’s stay. “These devices will definitely increase efficiency and further support our patient safety initiatives related to the use of technology,” Albright said. “We’re excited to be part of this cutting-edge, clinical integration.”
The hospital’s current manual machines will be replaced with Philips Wireless vital sign devices in early January, Albright said.