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Great American Smokeout Song, Video Released
In conjunction with the 37th annual “Great American Smokeout” Thursday, Nov. 15, Takoma Regional Hospital has released a song and music video that draws attention to the dangers of lighting up.
“This song is being provided as a community service because we, as a hospital, are reminded daily of the health repercussions caused by smoking,” Daniel Wolcott, Takoma’s president and CEO, said. “We are passion about improving the health of our community through our wellness programs and other educational means, such as this video.”
Bob Kamieneski, the hospital’s wellness director, noted that tobacco use is the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in our country. “Yet more than 46 million Americans still smoke,” he said.
Lyrics to the song, called “Smoke Out,” were written by Lyndon Gallimore, the hospital’s AVP of physician services and market development. Vocals are provided by David White and Lyndon Blackman, both of Greeneville. The music was written by David White and xxxxx.
The three-minute video features Takoma staff and volunteers, as well as community members, including Greeneville-Greene County Emergency Medical Services and Central Ballet Theatre. The video was shot by Loren Small of Nashville and Gallimore.
“This song was written to give people encouragement to quit smoking and enjoy the benefits of renewed health,” Gallimore said. “It’s a funny video targeting a serious subject.”
The music video is available on Takoma’s Facebook page at and on You Tube at Takoma has also assembled some excellent “stop smoking” resources, which can be found at
The Great American Smokeout is a date set aside each year to encourage smokers to make a plan to quit, or to quit smoking on that date.