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Dr. James McKinney Honored For 50 Years Of Service
A special reception was held Monday, Aug. 23, at Link Hills Country Club for Dr. James R. McKinney, recognizing 50 years of caring service to his patients and Takoma Regional Hospital.
Several speakers honored Dr. McKinney, including Daniel Wolcott, Takoma’s president and CEO, who called Dr. McKinney "the dean of the medical staff."
Wolcott thanked Dr. McKinney, a family medicine physician with Takoma Medical Associates (TMA), for his "gift of service” and exceptional work.
Dr. John Shaw, also a family medicine physician with TMA, recounted his early beginnings at Takoma and the influence Dr. McKinney had on his own career through the decades. He recognized Dr. McKinney as a "teacher, leader, colleague, mentor and friend," adding that "Dr. McKinney taught me - and showed me by example -- that everyone is important."
Dr. Michael Odell, who also works in family medicine at TMA, said he first met Dr. McKinney at college and joined him at Takoma 43 years ago. “It’s been a great walk,” he said of the journey together. He also described McKinney as a “friend and mentor,” and added that Dr. McKinney still receives “a lot of joy from his practice.”
John M. Jones Jr., editor of the "Greeneville Sun," praised Dr. McKinney for his tireless contributions to this community, especially with United Way. He noted that Dr. McKinney is a physician of "genuine caring."
Dr. Mark McKinney, Dr. McKinney's son, said that his dad sees his profession as a "mission, not a job." "To my dad, it's a vehicle to love people and tell them the good news about God," he said.
Wolcott closed the event with a presentation of a special gift to Dr. McKinney and his wife, Phyllis.
Dr. McKinney thanked everyone for attending and for the kind words, especially Drs. Shaw and Odell, saying that they made a “good trio.”
He added, laughing, that he has no plans to retire.