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Takoma’s Outpatient, Women’s Imaging Centers Relocating With New, State-Of-The-Art Digital Equipment
GREENEVILLE – Takoma Adventist Hospital’s outpatient and women’s imaging centers are relocating to the third floor of the new Takoma Medical Office Building.

   Both offices will open June 1 at the larger facility, located at the corner of East Vann Road and Takoma Avenue, on the hospital campus.

   “The new outpatient office features state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment,” Dr. Raymond Kohne, medical director of Takoma’s Imaging Center, said. “This is an important stride for our community.”

   And, the women’s imaging center will be fully digital within a few weeks.

   As a result of the new equipment, patient “thru-put time” – or the time between when patients arrive and when they leave – will be much quicker, Kohne said.

   “Previously, it took 6-10 minutes to acquire an image,” Kohne noted. “With the new digital equipment, it will take about 2 minutes.”

   Meanwhile, Takoma will maintain its current imaging department within the hospital, he said. “By shifting outpatient imaging off campus, we can provide faster, more efficient imaging services to admitted patients, as well as those seeking emergency care,” Kohne said.  

   He noted that the hospital’s imaging department also will upgrade to digital equipment within a few months.

   In addition to the Outpatient Imaging Center and the Takoma Women’s Imaging Center, the third floor will house a new laboratory collection area, as well as offices for outpatient registration and those needing to pre-register for our services.

   “This will create one-stop healthcare for our patients,” Tonya Lisenby, patient financial services director for Takoma Hospital, said. “The entire process will be much quicker and convenient. Patients won’t have to visit the hospital for their lab work or to register, unless they prefer to.”

   Lisenby noted that Takoma will continue to provide outpatient registration and pre-registration within the hospital in its current location.

   The first and second floors of the 45,000-square-foot medical office building opened in mid-April.

   The first floor houses family practice physicians’ Richard J. Aasheim, Mark Hoover, James R. McKinney, Michael J. Odell, John L. Shaw and Claes V. Svendsen, and physician assistant Mike Stone.  Two additional board certified family physicians, Drs. James E. Gibbs and Anita Foster, will be joining the group in July.

   Located on the second floor are Dr. Gordon L. Marsa, who specializes in gastroenterology; Dr. Robert Bridges, a general and vascular surgeon; and Dr. Frederick J. Myers, a general surgeon. The internal medicine group – which includes Drs. Deborah Deoss-Maksoud, Robert Locklear and Janet Pickstock, along with Joyce Wright, a nurse practitioner – are in Suite 201. Also on second floor are Drs. Dan Merrick, Mike Ponder and Jack Whitaker, cardiologists.

   The new medical office building is a collaborative effort with local physicians and community stakeholders.