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‘Lunch and Learn’ Diabetes Workshop Planned July 12, 19
GREENEVILLE, TN – Two workshops are planned this month to help area diabetics learn more about successfully living with the disease that afflicts and affects millions of Americans.

   Nancy Salamina, certified diabetic educator at Takoma Adventist Hospital, will lead the classes, which are being offered free to the public.

   A session called "Know Your Resistance" will be held July 12. “I’ll talk about how insulin resistance plays into Type 2 diabetes,” Salamina explained.

   On July 19, Salamina will discuss how exercise can improve diabetes management and overall health in a session called "Know Your Healthy Steps."

    Both classes will be offered at First Baptist Church at 211 Main St. from noon until 1:30 p.m. Participants are encouraged to bring their lunch. Drinks will be provided.

   "These classes are designed to help people with diabetes understand the importance of blood glucose monitoring, diet and exercise," Salamina, a registered nurse, said.

   More than 18 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes, she said. “Several million more don’t even know they have diabetes, plus many, many more are pre-diabetic,” Salamina said. “The numbers are incredible. Everyone should learn more about diabetes. Either you have it or know someone who does.”

   Free Ascensia Contour glucose monitors will be given away at the July 12 session, Salamina said. And, free pedometers will be distributed at the July 19 meeting, she said.

   The event is being co-sponsored by Takoma Hospital and Bayer Healthcare, diabetes care division, she noted.

   For more information, please contact Nancy Salamina at 636-0308 or Sharon Stewart at 783-7985.