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‘Virtual Dementia Tour’ Set For Oct. 26 At Takoma Hospital
GREENEVILLE, TN – We know a lot about dementia – it’s a progressive brain dysfunction, it gradually restricts normal daily activities, and Alzheimer’s disease is its most well-known form.

   But what is it really like to have dementia?

   A powerful new training tool called “The Virtual Dementia Tour” will help caregivers find out.

    “People with dementia have altered perceptions,” Dianna Young, community nurse liaison at Takoma, explained. “Tour participants will learn what that feels like, and will see how basic tasks such as folding clothes or pouring water can be so challenging.  They will leave the tour with a new-found compassion, and better knowledge about how to care for those with altered perceptions on a daily basis.”

   This unique tour will be offered to the public free of charge on Thursday, Oct. 26, at the Everett and Carolyn Coolidge Volunteer Conference Center at Takoma Adventist Hospital. The event is sponsored by Takoma, The Center for Behavioral Health and Life Care Center of Greeneville.

   As part of the tour, participants will wear special devices that alter awareness – such as colored goggles that affect vision or head phones with background noise that affect hearing.

   “This sensitivity training is a wonderful tool to assist the caregiver at home, or to improve the commitment of staff providing care at long-term care facilities,” Young noted.

   The concept of the tour was developed by Dr. P.K. Beville and Second Wind Dreams.  The Alzheimer’s Association’s Northeast Tennessee Chapter will facilitate the tour and provide additional information. 

   Tours are scheduled by appointment only. “It’s very important that you are on time for your appointment,” Young stressed. “We expect a big crowd.”

   Tours will begin at 10 a.m. and end around 4 p.m. Staff will be available to assist participants through the 30-minute tour.  Refreshments will be served.

   To schedule an appointment, please call Margie Rasmussen at Takoma Senior Care at 636-2446 or 1-800-834-7588 between the hours of 8 a.m.-3 p.m.

   For more information, please call Dianna Young at 921-2354.