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Digital Mammography Upgrade Announced At Takoma Regional Hospital
GREENEVILLE, TN –  An important equipment upgrade at Takoma Regional Hospital will provide cutting-edge technology to better detect cancer for women with dense breast tissue.


A Fujifilm full-field digital mammography unit is scheduled for installation at Takoma Regional by Nov. 1, according to Dr. Raymond Kohne, the hospital’s medical director of radiology.

 “This new equipment will enable us to see the tissue underneath the breast and will help us save more lives,” Dr Kohne said. “We want the best possible images because our patient’s lives are in our hands, and this new machine will provide that.”

Similar to digital photography, this new system offers the highest resolution currently available. Higher resolution enables radiologists to see greater detail within the soft tissue of the breast and this produces a more accurate diagnosis.

A major clinical study funded by the National Cancer Institute in 2006  showed that digital mammography is more accurate than conventional film-screen mammography for detecting breast cancer in certain groups of women. These groups include women with dense breasts, as well as women under 50 and pre- and peri-menopausal women.

“Dense breast women tend to be at a high risk for breast cancer because they are the hardest to screen with conventional film X-rays.” Dr. Kohne said. “Digital mammography will help us see those images better.”

Digital mammography is a superb tool for “finding those cancers that are hiding,” he said. “And if we can catch it early enough, we can get a cure for the patient – not a survival rate.”

Patients can expect clearer images on their mammograms. “And that means less radiation because we will have less repeat mammograms,” Dr. Kohne said. “We’ll be able to get clearer images the first time and won’t have to reshoot them.”

Dr. Kohne said he is very proud to provide digital mammography to this community. “The standard of care in this town is amazing,” he said, noting that he moved here 10 years ago from the Los Angeles area. “You don’t have to leave this community for excellent health care. In fact, I bring my parents here for their health care from 1,000 miles away. And I do that because I believe we have outstanding health care right here at home.”