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Free CNA Classes Starting Soon At Takoma Hospital
GREENEVILLE, TN – Are you a patient person with a passion for helping others?

   If so, you might have the qualities needed to become a certified nursing assistant and experience the joy of service.

   Free classes will soon start at Takoma Adventist Hospital for this rewarding career in direct caregiving, according to James Leslie, director of the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. “We’ll probably start the classes sometime in October, with a minimum of 100 hours of classroom and clinical instruction,” Leslie said.

   Applications are now available at the hospital’s Human Resources Department, located at the intersection of Coolidge Street and Takoma Avenue. Preliminary screenings will include a drug test and a Talent+ personality test to gauge job compatibility. A high-school diploma or equivalency diploma is required.

   “We’re looking for people with good communication skills who are interested in helping with the personal care of patients, ranging from bathing them to serving them meals,” Leslie said. “We’re hoping for a large amount of applications from which to choose.”

   For more information, please call Takoma Hospital at 636-2356.