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Dietary Department Changes

Starting July 29th, the cafe will no longer offer self-service for the hot food line and drink case during the lunch meal.  With more and more food-borne illness outbreaks being reported, we feel is it our duty to control the distribution of these foods for the protection of our associates and guests.  In keeping with our commitment to service excellence, please be supportive of our food service associates who will be working the food line.  With so many concerns about being good stewards of the planet, starting July 29th, there will be a $0.25 charge for the use of clamshell "to go" boxes.  If you use a styrofoam plate, there will be no charge and plastic wrap will be provided at no additional charge. Please contact Robert Martin in Food Services if you hve any concerns.  Thank you in advance for your support.  It is our honor to serve you.