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Takoma Adventist Hospital Receives Re-Accreditation from ACR
   GREENEVILLE, TN. – Takoma Adventist Hospital’s radiology and imaging services department has received re-accreditation as the result of an in-depth survey by the American College of Radiology.

     “We are pleased to have received re-accreditation for another three years, which shows we have met and exceeded high standards in our field,” Joyce Rose-Smith, mammography coordinator at the Women’s Center for Breast Diagnostics at Takoma Adventist Hospital, said.

   The ACR, headquartered in Reston, Va., awards accreditation to facilities for the achievement of high practice standards after a peer-review evaluation of its practice. Evaluations are conducted by board-certified physicians and medical physicists who are experts in the field. They assess the qualifications of the personnel and the adequacy of facility equipment. The surveyors report their finding to the ACR’s Committee on Accreditation, which subsequently provides the practice with a comprehensive report.

   In addition, to the ACR, the Food and Drug Administration comes to the facility on a yearly basis to do an on-site evaluation. “Since I’ve been here, I’m proud to say we’ve passed with no non-compliances,” Smith said.

   The Women’s Center for Breast Diagnostics has been in operation fo rnealry 20 years and was the first accredited mammography facility in Greeneville.

   Located at 401 Takoma Ave., the Women’s Center is open 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. The Center has three registered mammographers, with state-of-the-art equipment. In addition to providing high-quality mammograms, the Center also offers comprehensive ultrasound services and stereotactic breast biopsies. “We can do breast biopsies that are non-invasive and don’t require that the patient be sedated,” Smith said. “It’s a really, really nice service.”

    To contact the Women’s Center for Breast Diagnostics, please call 636-0394.

     For more information about the services offered at Takoma Adventist Hospital, please contact the Community Relations Department at 636-0336.