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Manual Manipulation Valuable Therapy Tool, Dr. Crystal Dyer Says

Manual medicine is a valuable tool that can help treat many medical conditions, according to Dr. Crystal Dyer, a sports medicine physician at Takoma Medical Associates.
“Manual medicine is comprised of a wide range of techniques similar to those seen in the fields of chiropractic medicine, physical therapy and massage therapy," she said. "I couple this hands-on approach with the knowledge of traditional medicine and use it as an adjunct to medication when appropriate."
Dr. Dyer, who is one of only a few physicians in the community to utilize it, said she uses her hands and the patient’s body position to optimize posture and range of motion. "I try to restore balance to the body," she noted. "A body out of balance does not function as well.”
Dr. Dyer is board certified in family medicine. She was the first MD graduate of the Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine/Virginia Tech Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship Program in Blacksburg, Va., where she served as a team physician for Virginia Tech athletics. Dr. Dyer is transitioning this week from a split practice -- part-time family medicine and part-time sports medicine -- to a full-time sports medicine practice, because of her passion for the role of sports medicine and manipulation in whole person care.
“We are more than the sum of our body parts,” she explained. “Two-thirds of our body’s mass is comprised of bones and muscles, so I know that the musculoskeletal system has a significant impact on the condition of the rest of the body. This is why I have such a passion for manipulation.”
Manipulations are performed by stretching, using gentle or firm pressure, and resistance, Dr. Dyer said. “It can restore maximal, pain-free movement in most cases by increasing motion in restricted areas of musculoskeletal function,” she said. “Imbalances in the complex musculoskeletal system can create a host of physical problems and complaints, which literally can extend from head to toe. Manipulation can help with asthma, sinus disorders, migraines, menstrual pain, and many other conditions by improving drainage and blood flow.”
In addition to manipulation, Dr. Dyer will continue to treat non-operative orthopedic patients with issues such as sports injuries, concussions, sprained ankles, knee or shoulder injuries, arthritis, hip pain, back pain and simple fractures. She also can provide joint injections when indicated.
Her office hours are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. She is located on the third floor of the Takoma Medical Office Building at 438 E. Vann Road across from Greeneville Middle School.
To schedule an appointment with Dr. Dyer, please call 278-1650. Manual medicine treatments are covered by most insurance, Dr. Dyer said.