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Margaret Rigsby Thankful For Nurse Holly Weems
Margaret Rigsby is very thankful for nurse Holly Weems.
When Rigsby left her medications behind after a checkup with Dr. Daniel Lewis at Takoma Medical Associates, Weems came to her rescue.
“I didn’t even realize that I had left them behind until after the doctor’s office had closed,” said Rigsby, 75, of Greeneville. “I got very anxious. I have to have my medicines. I didn’t know what I was going to do.”
When Weems, a nurse for Dr. Lewis, discovered the medicines, she immediately called Rigsby and offered to bring them over. “I was working late that night.” Weems said. “I could hear the desperation in her voice. I was happy to do it. I work for God. I feel like I was called by Him to nursing. It is an honor and a blessing to help others.”
Rigsby said she was so thankful when she saw Weems pull into her driveway. “I cried when I saw her, and she cried, too,” Rigsby said. “That’s why I love Takoma. They are so caring about their patients. They do whatever it takes to provide the very best care. They go that extra mile.”