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Cardiopulmonary Care

The Cardiopulmonary Care Department at Takoma Regional Hospital is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days per week and offers services under the direction ofthe Chief of Medical Services and a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

The department takes care of  patients throughout the lifespan from newborn to geriatric patients. All practitioners are licensed by the state of Tennessee and have many years experience in caring for the most challenging of patients. The department takes pride in having the most up-to-date versions of equipment and current practices.

Diagnostics are provided that range from cardiac stress testing to pulmonary function, ambulatory cardiac monitoring and neurodiagnostics. The department works closely with other caregivers to provide the optimum in care of the patient with primary cardiopulmonary disorders or patients that are at risk for developing them.

The department also provides  services for the treatment and diagnosis of sleep disorders. Dr. Mandeep Bakshi, a pulmonologist who is board-certified in sleep medicine, manages sleep patients and interpretes sleep studies at Takoma.

The department may be contacted by calling 423-636-2368 or by paging 917-2489.