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In 1928, several prominent Greenevillians persuaded Dr. Harry Miller of Washington Sanitarium in Takoma Park, Md., to open a facility in Greeneville, Tenn. That contact initiated a partnership between Greene County and what would become a hospital committed to helping people achieve physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness. Dr. Miller brought a colleague, Dr. Leroy Coolidge, to Greeneville several times to treat patients at Mr. And Mrs. Roy Bowens' hydrotherapy treatment center on Main Street. Soon, Dr. Coolidge purchased the Bowens' facility and renamed it Takoma Park.

From those modest beginnings, what would become Takoma Regional Hospital was born and grew, expanding and adding new services and technology in order to remain a state-of-the-art facility. In 1978, the original Hospital and Sanitarium was razed, and Takoma Regional Hospital was built. Several upgrades have been completed, including a $7 million project to add a surgical suite and a new facade.

Despite change and growth, however, Takoma Regional has never lost sight of its mission to provide friendly and compassionate care that promotes comfort and healing. Takoma Regional continues to focus on community wellness, devoting time, talent, and financial support to educate residents in the principles of illness prevention and healthful living. The hospital takes pride in conducting business with integrity, honesty, and fairness and values the diversity of its patients, associates, and business colleagues and visitors, treating all with kindness and respect.